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Meeting notes (5/4/11)

May 4, 2011


Sarah Wiehe (IndyTilth project manager)

Isaiah Kuperstein (Double 8 Foods owner)

Tyson Domer (IndyTilth construction manager)

Craig Flandermeyer  (Schmidt Associates landscape architect, RLA, LEED-AP)

Lauren Schmidt  (Schmidt Associates, landscape architecture intern)

The Project Team met at Double 8 Food headquarters on May 4th to review Craig and Lauren’s follow-up design work.  A revised site plan concept was proposed.

The new plan, like the previous ones, seeks to channel stormwater along the eastern edge of the parking lot through a new infiltration trench to a central exposed rain garden in the southeast corner of the parking lot.  Stormwater would flow via gravity following the natural contour of the site (see figure with elevations done by Schmidt).  This plan still allows absorption through the length of the rain garden along N Park Avenue but also increased the size of the basin in the southeast corner of the parking lot to accommodate high flow situations.  This is also the low point of the parcel where the majority of run-off would directly enter the rain garden. This plan also modifies the previous plan by eliminating the barriers within the lot, allowing for more spaces and flexibility of spaces for Double 8 Foods parking.  The plan retains the recycling bin onsite but positions it closer to the basin, rather than the building, allowing for better car movement in the parking lot.  It also adds a cistern which will be necessary to off-set some high flows and will provide water for the plants in dry conditions.  The dumpster and loading dock can be shielded using evergreen plantings.  Isaiah requested no plantings along the edge of the building to reduce maintanance adn increase lanes within the lot.  Sarah requested locations for educational placards, particularly at the basin region where individuals may be dropping off recycling.  These could educate passers-by as well since the primary mode of transport to the Double 8 Foods is by foot.

There were several cross-sectional options to consider for the corridor garden along Park.  Three sections were proposed by Schmidt which would vary in cost and infiltration potential.  These sections include a series of stepped basins separated by curbs (Section A), one wider and uniformly deep basin (Section B), and one wider by sloping basin (Section C).  (See figure for ponding depths and widths.)  We discussed the pluses and minuses of each possibility.  We decided that Section B or C would be lower cost and could always be expanded to include an additional 6′ wide basin as shown in Section A.  These would all retain the existing curb.  We opted to request bids on each from potential contractors.  In each scenario, this corridor of rain garden would be divided by check dams to reduce flow and increase infiltration as the water moves (by gravity) toward the basin.  Action items include (1) determining the depth of the existing curb (which might impact whether Section B is viable with existing infrastructure), (2) doing an infiltration test, and (3) researching options such as Firestone EPIC System (collects water from its immediate surroundings, filters and retains it below ground, and reuses it for subsurface irrigation).  Tyson agreed to do (1) and (2).  Craig agreed to do (3).

We discussed the need for a similar cross-sectional design for the basin in order to have an accurate estimate/bid process initiated.  Craig and Lauren agreed to work on this, pending the infiltration test results (to determine the depth needed).

We also reviewed a site plan for the larger Double 8 Foods parcel and adjacent parking lot.  Although this will unlikely be addressed in this phase, we had agreed previously that it would be nice to have some concept drawings for future grant applications.

Other remaining action items include the following:

Matt will work with IndyGo on possible shelter options for along Fairfield.

Sarah will talk with RebuildIndy to see if any sidewalk and curb work, particularly the new curb cuts needed along Park, could be incorporated into their work in the area.

Matt will research possible cistern possibilities and KIB funds for this purpose.

Sarah will continue working on outreach with the neighborhood and area schools.  This will increase once we have a installation date.  She is working with Herron School of Art and Design to see if there could be some help with a visual communications plan as part of an existing class.

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